VOIX im MDBK Leipzig


VOIX is the first comprehensive exhibition by all 28 of the female artists organised within the MalerinnenNetzWerk Berlin-Leipzig (MNW). It will feature around 300 works from the genres of painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, objects and spatial interventions, spread across the entire basement floor of the MdbK. The focus is placed on the presentation of the artistic positions adopted by each of the individual artists – as indicated by their selected title VOIX.

The female artists within the MNW network have committed themselves to the medium of painting in their careers and work. Their pieces encompass a broad range in terms of style and content: figurative painting blends with abstraction and the permeation of artistic questions beyond the narrative realm, as well as sculptural and installation pieces. Among other things, they address gender roles and sexuality, spatial relationships as a stage or deeply metaphoric presentation and forms of collective memory. Questions of materiality and significance within the artistic medium are always highlighted especially.

The MalerinnenNetzWerk Berlin-Leipzig is a platform for contemporary painting that aims to increase the visibility of female artists through the organisation of group exhibitions and joint publications, as well as to strengthen connections and networks. In particular, MNW is at home within the area of painting, although it remains characteristically open to other experimental artistic concepts. Besides exhibitions and collaboration with guest female artists and curators, professional networking between the female painters is equally central to the group’s work. Regular meetings are held in the studios as opportunities to discuss works and to provide mutual support. The female artists pursue their own careers beyond MNW itself, but operate as a group several times each year within the framework of the network.

The female artists within MNW have shown their works in varying constellations in art museums, galleries and other exhibition spaces since autumn 2015. Several publications has already been released about the network.

Artists: Stephanie Dost (L), Isabelle Dutoit (L), Zohar Fraiman (B), Marie Gold (L), Franziska Guettler (L), Nina K. Jurk (L), Heike Kelter (B), Marianna Krueger (B), Katrin Kunert (L), Kathrin Landa (B), Verena Landau (L),Corinne von Lebusa (L), Catherine Lorent (B), Rosa Loy (L), Justine Otto (B/Hamburg), Gudrun Petersdorff (L), Julia Ruether (B), Maria Sainz Rueda (L), Ann-Katrin Schaffner (B), Sophia Schama (B), Eva Schwab (B), Bettina Sellmann (B), Tanja Selzer (B), Sophie von Stillfried (L), Caro Suerkemper (B), Alex Tennigkeit (B), Kathrin Thiele (L), Miriam Vlaming (B)

Opening: 19.02.2019, 18h